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Nicholas A Trishin is the owner and CPA for Johns Creek Tax & Accounting. We have been in business since 2001 serving individual and small companies with bookkeeping, payroll, tax and business advice. During that time some of our early clients have grown from self-employed one person company to 10-30 employee successful enterprises.


We are here not to only look at your forms and properly fill out your tax returns. We are not form fillers you can find in H&R Block! We are to learn things about you, save you real tax dollars and help take your business on the next level. We have entrepreneurship spirit and can relay to your business in comparison to all other businesses we've been working with. We can help you to avoid common mistakes, suggest effective marketing and suggest where to look for quality employees. We are a business partner to our clients and very important one. Some of the business owners keep a close touch with us daily and weekly. We are with them on the rollercoaster's of ups and downs of small business ownership.


If you read that far and intrigued if above statements are true, give us a call today at 404-585-1040 and schedule a consultation with me personally, Nicholas A. Trishin, CPA.


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